Over the years went traveling, I seldom titled place as Hidden Paradise.

Go some places to meet your fear and make a friend with your afraid. the bonus is greet the hidden paradise(s). Yes, hidden paradise. Common words for nowadays travelers, but not for me.

Few days ago I went to place, near my living town but-as my traveling tagline-don’t ever underestimate the near place, I never judge this place as common as its names in people’s ears.

My mind blowed up that day, that I remembered it as a bad-saturday. Until my closest travelmate asked me to come with him and I never imagined before I found this awesome place, that lately I call it Hidden paradise. 

Sorry for not mention these pics by its complete info, I had an agreement with my travelmate to not write that info in social-media for one and another reason. 

Meanwhile, I really wanna tell you that Indonesia has so many places-worth-to-go if you have a good stamina, times, of course moneys, and the courage to face your fear and afraid.

Over the years I seldom titled place as Hidden Paradise(s), because yet, I had thought so. I see people, or yes, other travelers explored the place without good responsibility for everything they did to nature, local people, culture, and even their attitudes during the trip.

The results was, some beautiful places became common public travel objects where I didn’t see any special thing to enjoy there. That conditions had cut up my heart and my traveling desire. Some travelmates and friends took care of this issue, asked me to discuss, do any action but not happen until today. 

I let it flow and see where’s the wind will bring it as well. Because I know, I really know it’s not an easy problem to solve. 

Anyway, these pictures were my 1st jump(s) ever along my traveling experience. Even this location not that far as literary, I whispered to myself while had a chance enjoying this beautiful waterfall, “Mom, you never know your daughter was walking this far to know herself that she never get it at home,”.

I love my mom, I love myself, I love people who bring me this far that created who am I today. And yes, I really love nature that never fail of making me smile.

Hey, do you get what I try to throw you by this post? Hahaha… the words and letters just flowed from my mind through my fingers who type it as the album caption, and I can’t refuse it! 

At least, enjoy these picture that taken by my travelmate, Aji Budi Laksana. I learned much things from you, vrooooh! Hahah… Can’t wait for our next destination: CLIMBING!

CIAO, readers! Watch your tracks, and keep being smart travelers*!

Kemang Timur, Friday Dec 20, 17:01

*smart-traveling is doing travel with full responsibility for everything you do to nature, local people, culture, and yourself during the trip. 

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