Coworkinc, Happy to find this fun Coworking Space in Kemang!

Menghabiskan dua jam di coworking space ini hari ini (19/5/2015). Menyenangkan. Tempatnya nyaman dan bisa ngobrol sama teman-teman baru tentang banyak hal! 

Well, dunia ini nggak sempit. 

Kalau banyak ketemu hal familiar di kala sharing dengan orang baru, it means, circle kita yang luas, berlapis-lapis, atau bahkan, have no limit. Hihiy!

I love creative people, and always curious about where’s this creative industry will bring my life bigger. 

Try @coworkinc Kemang! Good place, good peeps, good masterpieces you make! 

I recommend you to try this first:
Walk-ins (2hrs) IDR50k or
1 day pass IDR175k

Get: Access, high speed internet, desk, self-service pantry, locker, and good new folks to talk, or even discuss! 

For more info go stalk their active Instagram @coworkinc 😉

Traveler’s note: Pertama dengar tentang coworking space ini justru dari coworking space favorit di Ubud, namanya Hubud. Go check my review there, and stay tune for my smart-traveling* stories after coming back to this hate-but-lovely city, Jakarta!

*smart-traveling is doing travel with full responsibility for everything you do to nature, local people, culture, and yourself during the trip.

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